Years K-6

Our K-6 classes at Illawarra Christian School provide a nurturing environment in which your child will develop a love of learning. In our school community, parents need not be concerned that their child might be "lost in the system". Our educational and support staff will partner with your family to ensure that the needs of your child are met and that your child is working to their ability. With dedicated staff, a strong focus on the use of technology and the many advantages of being part of a K-12 environment, families will find that students are supported and extended where necessary. Parents are encouraged to participate in school-life where possible and communication channels are always open between the school and home. The Christian primary school learning experience includes stimulating excursions, guest presenters, the opportunity to participate in a range of sports and activities, performing arts and cultural engagement all presented within the framework of a Christian worldview.

View information about our K-6 uniform on our ENROLMENTS page.