Years 7-12

Everything about our high school is designed to equip students to reach their potential. At Illawarra Christian School, we believe that if students feel they are safe and well supported, with the help of great resources and attentive teachers, they can do their best - and our students do!
Not only does Illawarra Christian School consistently rank as the best performing, non - government school in the Illawarra in the HSC, but we are proud to produce students who are well rounded in all of life. To achieve this we offer:
Peer support programs (with older and younger students)
Access to psychologists, counsellors and pastoral care staff
Great student to staff ratios - especially in HSC electives
Flexible learning options
Great inter-school learning and competitive opportunities
A range of on site electives chosen to suit the interests of our students
Vocational and distance education subjects
Comfortable, air-conditioned, modern and well resourced facilities
Extra- curricular, intercultural service trips for insight into developing countries
A caring Christian high school community where students can explore and grow their faith
View information about our secondary uniform on our ENROLMENTS page.