Prep is a preparation for school program for children intending on attending school at Illawarra Christian School.
Prep is available for students in the two years before they start kindergarten. Students cannot commence until they are 3 years of age, must be toilet trained and have to turn 3 before the end of April in the year they commence.
Like a Christian pre-school, our Prep program adheres to the Early Years Learning Framework developed by the Australian Government for early childhood education and care.
At Illawarra Christian School Prep the Prep curriculum is delivered in a manner that will prepare children for Kindergarten at Illawarra Christian School. The approach used is consistent with the school's mission to provide a distinctly Christian education taught from a biblical world view.
This means your Prep student will have a head start for school!
By the time your Prep student starts kindergarten they will know their kindergarten teacher, have already formed friendships, and be familiar with the uniform, behavioural expectations and the school site. 
Our Prep students have school aged buddies, participate in whole school activities and share whole school resources.
Our fully qualified prep teachers, work alongside the infants department, our learning support units and Counsellors to ensure every child is prepared for the challenges of kindergarten. 
Our relationship and communication with parents means that you are fully aware of your child's progress and can support Prep learning at home.
Located in both the Wollongong and Shellharbour regions, our Prep ensures your child has a Christian preschool and school experience within your local community.
A visit to Prep is the best way to see if Illawarra Christian School is the best choice for your child. Come and have a look around - children welcome!