James Holbeck - Seminar and Workshops with Years 9, 10 & 11

26th September 2017



What: James Holbeck, an ex Wallabies Rugby player, Psychologist and Public Speaker will present a Seminar and Workshops to the students on 'Mutally Respectful Relationships' (see below). 


When: 13 October 2017


Who: Years 9, 10, & 11 from CCS and ICS


Where: ICS Hall (CCS students will travel from CCS by Bus)



Mutually Respectful Relationships: Learning to respect others even when you disagree!


The art of functioning relationships is to be able to turn towards each other in difficult times & work together, using each others strengths and understanding and respecting different values in order to work through these times. Respect is often lost when we elevate our own needs over those needs of others or impose and project our views on how others should see a situation. Sometimes this can be subconscious but by recognising these challenges in ourself we can expect deeper & more meaningful relationships. But why? As we understand our sense of self we no longer have to bow down to our neediness or ask others to fulfil a sense of who we are. We come into a relationship not needing to pretend to be someone else in order to be validated, accepted or impose ourselves but can offer our self from the best of us. The basis for then working on a healthy attitude towards others including race, culture, gender, sexuality, etc, is found in understanding that all people have inherent value and are therefore worthy of respect. 



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